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O sobie: Many families live with great difficulty because they are overwhelmed by debts. The deteriorated debt has reached such dimensions that it has become a social problem and a brake on the country's competitiveness. We therefore understand the impact of this serious problem on your life, on your family and your company. Thanks to Law 3/3012 we can give you the opportunity to get out of the nightmare of too many debts, legally and head-on, offering creditors what is realistic that an honest and serious debt can pay.

Starting from your needs and difficulties, Piano Debiti is the specialist who is in charge of assisting you in every phase: from a serious and honest advice to the presentation of the application in the Court, to the writing of the plan for creditors. Over the last three years, Piano Debiti has helped hundreds of people to regain control of their lives and the serenity of their family with ethics and transparency.

We honestly treat you: we do not sell miracles and we will inform you about any advantage and disadvantage that may result in access to Law 3/2012.We provide a free consultation on your debt problem: you will speak with a professional who will explore with you which is the right solution for your case.

We will take care of and take care of everything: if you can access the Law 3/2012 we will collect the documents, analyze the debt and write the proposal for the Court.
Just calls from credit recovery: once you have entrusted the practice to Plan Debts and the professional appointed by the Court, the management of creditors will be made by the people who assist you.We have specialists for every case: individuals, farms, small businesses, innovative start-ups.

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