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O sobie: Bay Tree Funerals are Leicester's Independent Funeral Directors With Love and Care by Samantha Ward Affordable Prices Call 0116 2788868 - Open 24 Hours
Bereavement is a difficult time, and making funeral arrangements can often come at quite a cost. We Believe that your loved ones should get the send-off they deserve, which is why we have taken great care to make our Funeral Director services accessible. Unlike many other traditional funeral directors services, Bay Tree Funerals can offer very affordable Bespoke burial or cremation funeral plans, without any hidden fees or additions.

We want to be able to offer you peace of mind in your time of need. Whether you're looking for a religious or nonreligious burial or cremation funeral services, we can provide you with affordable options with floral tributes and newspaper notice without compromising on quality.
Removal of your loved one into our care, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with no extra out of hours charges.  

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