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O sobie: CBD Belapur well known for its Governemnt operations offices like Reserve Bank of India, CIDCO, Navi Mumbai Mahanagar palika. CBD belapur has been a prime place for corporate houses, in last few years there has been a tremendous increase in property rates and demand in residential and commercial properties. The attraction to this area is due to lot of reasons like less travel time to areas like Thane, Vashi, Panvel where all corporate and companies, affordable housing and allmost all the public facilites like, hospitals, colleges, banks, railway station, bus stops in the vicinity If you are looking for Residential property, buying or renting out a flat in Belapur, you must find a high reputation RERA approved developer/builders is a mandate . Navi Mumbai Houses will help you through the complete process of searching, booking, loans and possesion of your dream house.

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