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O sobie: GAINSWave is the premium brand of shock wave or acoustic wave therapy used to treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, optimize sexual performance, treat soft tissue pains and cellulite. GAINSWave uses high frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow.

It’s a safe and effective treatment that is drug-free, surgery-free, totally non-invasive, performed in-office and provides long-lasting results. With Gainswave men are able to regain their blood flow naturally, overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is caused by micro-plaque blocking arteries as well as hardening of the arteries due to age. Imagine a process that naturally encourages the body to heal itself, acoustic waves stimulate the body, eliminating plaque, enabling men to experience stronger, more natural erections while getting the orgasmic pleasure back. Peyronie's disease is easily cured because acoustic waves break up the scar tissue allowing a return to a naturally straight member. We also treat and can rid or minimize any pain being experienced by the individual such as plantar fasciitis, golf and tennis elbow, and pains to back, legs and hips, where we can treat men and women.

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