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O sobie: Parallel Profits Review Kibo Code Many people in the world do not have a credit card or bank cards to buy online, let alone problems in shipping and receiving goods due to the lack of a good mailing address system in many Arab countries such as Egypt. At the same time there are a large number People want to buy online because of cheap prices and variety of goods, the problem they face is that they do not have bank cards or a good postal system.

If you are the intermediary who buys and delivers goods to you, you will take a percentage of the profit on the purchase of the goods plus the cost of delivery, it is good to start in your own city, marketing to yourself locally through the local newspaper or radio, customers will send a link to the goods they want to buy You make purchases through the Internet and the delivery and receive payments in cash from your customers.

3. Electronic shopping platform
Buy locally and request it on the Internet and receive it on your door. This is the concept of the <a href="">Parallel Profits Review</a> project.

Most local retailers do not have electronic shopping systems, let alone 9 hours a day. Through your electronic platform you will serve your customers day and night and all day of the week via e-shopping options from the local shops of clothing vendors, accessories, food, and your customers can determine the time and place of delivery and of course without a delivery fee, because you will impose a commission on retailers 5-10% , Will save time for your clients and help retail stores thrive and grow sales.

4. Sell your business on etsy:
This idea is suitable for owners of manual and craft skills. If you are good at painting or sculpture you can sell your business through esty to buyers everywhere in the world, handmade jewelry and furnishings are also very popular on the site, you will of course need your own workshop Often a room at home will be sufficient after You need a good lighting to take some pictures of your products and raise them to your account, a very important point in the marketing of handicrafts and many are overlooked is the personal and emotional aspect where the buyer is associated with the manufacturer and this is an important factor in the purchase decision, if you have a success story do not hesitate My writing Vtsaadk a lot in marketing your products.

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5. Become an agent for online real estate marketing
The Internet has played a very important role in the field of marketing in general and in the field of real estate marketing in particular. Here are some facts about the important role that <a href="">Parallel Profits Review</a> e-marketing plays in real estate:

90% of property buyers use the internet to search for a home or property.
36% of buyers found the house or property they bought online.
Real estate marketing through the Internet is the publication of many advertisements for real estate units for sale or rent through various specialized and non-specialized websites. In the real estate world, there is a chance for everyone: a huge market, a constant need, and treasures waiting to be discovered! This may sound a bit strange! But you can be a great agent for real estate marketing through the web.

6. Marketing on Social Media
Anyone who enters the world of online marketing knows very well how important social media or social media sites are in the marketing process. Of all the social networking sites that each marketer is interested in promoting his or her goods, Facebook occupies the largest and most important position. There is no project either on the ground or on the Internet, but owns a Facebook page to represent it. Due to Facebook's great fame and the breadth and growth of <a href="">Parallel Profits Review</a> user base.

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