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O sobie: Another scam that I witnessed first-hand starts with the person on the end of the webcam appearing very young and very beautiful. They will claim to be 18 or 19 years old but in actual fact can be as young as 12 or 13. With careful coaching from a mother or grandmother and the use of makeup and lipstick to make them appear older, their aim is to attract a lonely old guy who will be prepared to send money to help them out. I saw this scam in operation at the internet cafes in Philippines. What the person on the other end of the webcam cannot see is the adult sitting next to them telling them what to say and do. These adults have lots of experience in manipulating the conversations. The young girl is "the bait on the hook"

I have also been told that shemales will often play a similar game, using a young girl to be the webcam image and getting them to type what they are told.

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